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Jihad vs. McWorld- A Broader Definition of Networking

-Jihad includes the forces of disintegral tribalism and reactionary fundamentalism- Islam is not the issue. On the other hand McWorld includes the forces of integrative modernization and aggressive economic and cultural globalization. A broad definition of our world today can be summed up by Jihad vs. McWorld. The parallels between the two are great, each operates with equal strength in opposite ways. Fox example, Jihad forges communities of blood rooted in exclusion and hatred, communities that slight democracy in favor of tyrannical paternalism or consensual tribalism. McWorld on the other hand forges global markets rooted in consumption and profit-economically based if you will.-

How do these two groups affect the global markets economically? Well McWorlds rise began by selling the American Culture. Of the top 25 advertising firms, 15 are American, and thus sell American culture. How important is this? Well Pepsi placed an ad in 40 different markets that could be seen by 20% of the human race! The extent of such marketing goes to show you just how powerful certain aspects of the McWorld nature are. In many cases such corporations are more global players than nations themselves. McDonalds serves 20 million customers every day- that’s more people than the populations of Greece, Ireland, and Switzerland combined! Still not convinced? GM, the world’s largest company, employs more people than in many small countries. The overall effect of these McWorld associates reign in huge changes on the world, and the global economy, based on every decision they make.

When we talk about American based companies selling American culture, they cover several areas: popular culture, prosperity, ubiquitous imagery and software, and the American soul… Many argue that McWorld is one of the key flatteners and contributors to the global economy. In this global economy, services are the first “citizen” of McWorld. These services can be broken down into three sub categories. Traditional Service Sector: those who serve people directly with food, transportation, health, who deliver services directly to the individual human body. Systems Facilitation Sector: Those who serve the infrastructure including lawyers, accountants, bankers, and computer operators- all serve the corporate body. Information Sector: Those who create and control the world of signs and symbols through which all information, communication, and entertainment are mediated. They also minister to the individual human and collective corporate soul. An important note for this sector includes the well known saying: Knowledge is power. Moreover, he who controls information and communications can rule the world in the scheme of the global economy.

Well, what makes such a dynamic system run? Well you would be surprised… Hollywood is McWorlds storyteller, and TV and MTV are McWorlds soul. Who exactly controls McWorld you ask? Well there are currently about 23 corporations that control most of the business in daily newspapers, magazines, television, books, and motion pictures. The vertical integration of media is a relatively new phenomenon. This global frenzy is conducted under the goal of synergy. These “synergetic” ideas help create a common identity which is the direct enemy of Jihad.

In later posts we will explore the world of Jihad. Until then, just think, every time you see a Pepsi logo, or drink a Pepsi, over 20% of the world’s population can identify with you!