Negotiation Strategies

If you guys are current with my posts, you know that last post I discussed negotiation styles. In this post we will explore how to negotiate with each style. It is important to do some research to discover which style the person you are negotiating with uses. Looking at his/her past engagements and business resume will be helpful in this situation. After identifying their style try and implement the following strategies to get what you want out of a negotiation.

When dealing with someone who uses the factual style it is important to be precise in presenting your facts. Refer to the past in which the discussed areas have already been proven to work, a business precedent if you will. Be indicative. In other words go from the facts to the principles not vice versa. Also know you dossier and all of its aspects and details. Knowing your record will let you bring more fruitful points to back up your side of the negotiation. Lastly, make sure you document what you say. This can be of huge help when you get further along the process and need to site an aforementioned dialogue.

Dealing with someone who negotiates with an intuitive style is a bit different. You need to focus on the situation as a whole, win the war. Also, project yourself into the future, look for future opportunities. If you are stuck at some point in the negotiation process, tap the imagination and creativity of your partner. You also need to be able to get a good read quickly, build upon the reactions of the other person and you jump from one idea to another.

Using logic when negotiating with a analytical style person. Look for such cases of cause and effect. Connectivity between these elements in important, learn how to analyze the relationships between the various elements of the situation or problem at stake. Also, expect the negotiation to take longer if the person is analytical. Everything will need to be thoroughly thought out. In order to reach a final agreement, analyze various options with their respective pros and cons.

Building a relationship with someone who has a normative negotiating style is crucial. Do this at the onset of the negotiation as it will build your credibility. Show your interest in what the other person is saying in order to demonstrate your interest. Like any negotiation it is also important to recognize his or her values and adjust to them accordingly. More so than any other style, you can appeal to these persons emotions in the negotiation. Be ready to compromise and don’t forget to read their feelings and react to them.

Again, I cannot strive enough to point out, do not tell the person you are negotiating with when you have to leave. Knowledge is power, and with this knowledge they know if they wait you will get more desperate and they will ultimately be able to take advantage of you.

Next time you negotiate try and implement some of these strategies to help gain yourself some extra leverage!


20 responses to “Negotiation Strategies

  1. How do i approach a bitchy person?
    I deal with a lot of those…

  2. If you go in with such an attitude, you are automatically at a disadvantage. If you really want to have a relationship on a personal and business level with someone, you need to be able to mute out such characteristics.

  3. what if they disrespect me

    • Negotiation is about networking and goals. You want to have a good relationship with the partner you are negotiating with. If they disrespect you, are they really worth networking and negotiating with??

  4. Good point Mr. Latka. But what if they touched me in an inappropriate place with an inappropriate body part?

  5. I sure hope you are enjoying this. I will keep responding for your amusement. If they touched you inappropriately go post it on FML and distance yourself. :/

  6. I don’t think this is a laughing matter.

  7. “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then open your mouth and remove all doubt” -Lincoln.

  8. “Everyone likes a little ass, but no one likes a smart ass”

    Mr. Jack Tinner

    What experience in your business do you have to back up all your entries? What company do you work for? A lot of the things you say do not hold true to the real world.

  9. What experience in business do I have? Let me start off by saying, the information I recieve are from people who have over 30+ years in the corporate world. To give you a solid example: Dr. Meredith, president of the VTCRC. Your accusation that these things do not hold true in the real world are absolutely false. Ask any successful person in corporate America or in international business and they will tell you how important networking, negotiation, and other topics of this blog are.

  10. again,

    “Everyone likes a little ass, but no one likes a smart ass”

    Mr. Jack Tinner

    You cant bullshit a bullshitter

  11. Hey,
    Well I’m glad your interested in the blog, and I appreciate your comments. You personally have visited the blog over 55 times. (Thanks to google analytics)…Thanks for the support!! We love loyal readers 🙂

  12. By reading these i feel better about myself and my choice of going to uva over tech

  13. It doesn’t matter where you go to college, it’s what you make of it when you get there. Trolling blogs and posting unrelated material shows your making a great thing of college!

  14. Trolling blogs and writing pointless common-sense material shows your making a great thing of college!

  15. You know that Russians process information subjectively and associatively? You would be surprised to learn how undervalued and under recognized networking is in our current society. If you don’t like the content of the blog get off. Personally, I am pretty sure I know who you are and find it amusing that you would spend so much time on a blog that you don’t enjoy. Not really a surprise actually…

  16. I enjoy this

  17. im waiting for another blog post

  18. im ready for another amazing blog post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. need more blogz

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