A Comparison: Jihad vs. McWorld

Religion needs McWorlds technology and McWorlds markets and McWorld needs Jihad and its cultural parochialism to feed its endless appetites. However, Jihad needs McWorld to help spread the culture by the marketable producers whose communication makes Jihad known.

Depending on where you are in the world, Jihad can take different forms. In Europe for example, Jihad takes two forms provincialism, and parochialism. Provincialism sets the periphery against the center while parochialism disdains the city. Both forms threaten the capital city.

The interplay between Jihad and McWorld is also very prevalent wherever you are. In France, language is used to try to defeat McWorld, through websites, text, and conversation. Also, China wants to trade with McWorld but opposes Westernization. Westernization is a the key aspect of McWorld with all of it’s corporate aspects so this conflict can cause great strife.

I am sure many of you have heard on the news about a “Jihad in the Middle East”, you need to know that in the ME Jihad takes on a whole different set of connotations than it does elsewhere. Normally, Jihad (Holy War) is a tern associated with the moral and sometimes armed struggle of believers against the faithlessness and faithless. Islam naturally has less room for secularism, that is the government and religious practices are more closely tied, than any other major world religion. It is important to note that Islam is not opposed to democracy, but to modernization.  Just to be clear, in the context on this blog, Jihad is used to speak to a generic form of fundamentalist opposition to modernity that can be found in most world religions.

You may naturally think that McWorld may support a democracy over Jihad however that is not the case. Neither Jihad nor McWorld allows democracy much room. Individuals cannot live in both domains at once and are always compelled to pick a side. This is because Jihad and McWorld are two moral antinomies. They contradict each other in that each represents an opposing principle or law. With respect to McWorld, market relations are not necessarily a foreground to social interaction, let alone for Democratic social interaction. In the United States the common foreign policy is that in order to promote internationalizing markets, it is important to democratize them. However this is not the case, markets are not designed to do the things that democratic politics do. Democracy is NOT a universal prescription for a McWorld tied form of government.

In conclusion, neither Jihad nor McWorld understand the public realm or the idea that a public area offers a powerful tool to the privatizing and de-democratizing effects of aggressive tribes and aggressive markets. This trend will continue until the terrors of Jihad and the insufficiencies of McWorld end. There is no chance that we can begin on a journey to cooperative human living with such tools in place.

*Sources: ISE, Dr. Meredith


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