Obama and Osama have more in common than we think….

Networking, as you all know now, is about building relationships and subsequently gathering assests. Bot Obama and Osama are MASTERMINDS in this field. Disagree? You’re wrong.

You see, this latest article, taken off cnn.com, helps us infer about the sheer volume of relationships Osama has- whether we like it or not.

(CNN)- Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has called for Somalia’s new president to be overthrown, according to an audio recording posted Thursday on the Internet.
Osama bin Laden, in an undated photo, purportedly taped a message urging the ouster of Somalia’s president.

Bin Laden said Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed had been president of the country’s Islamic Courts but “as a result of inducements and offers from the American envoy in Kenya, he changed and turned back on his heels” … and agreed to partner with the “infidel” to form a government of national unity.

Sheikh Ahmed — whom Somali lawmakers elected president on January 31 — should be “dethroned, fought and removed with armed force,” the message said.

The bin Laden message is titled “Fight on, Champions of Somalia.” The authenticity of the recording could not be independently verified.

In my opinion, the fact that he can issue such a statement with over 30,000 American troops looking for him is crazy. The fact that he can cause such a disruption stems only from the fact that he has well built networks….across the world unfortunatley.  Yes you can argue that people follow him just because he is a terrorist, and other people who wish to do evil know he is a good outlet…etc. But isn’t that what networking is?

Lets look at this from another perspective….Obama.

Obama and his campaign team understood the importance of networking. How did they do it? They did it through personal identification using one word- hope. Think about it, everyone has hope, everyone can identify with hope, everyones individual hope is custom to their own lives, but most importantly hope is a term with limitless connotations, connotations that keep the world turning no matter what the political age, world state, or personal thoughts. Every religion is based on hope. For example, Christians hope they can carry out Gods work on earth, in hopes of being with him in heaven one day. Through the usage of this word, Obama grounded his campaign- finding an ingenous way to identify with every individual.

If you didnt’ hear him speak on T.V. while you watched in awe at his charisma and passion, you probably got a knock on your door from him personally or one of his supporters. This form of engagement is always an endearment to networking as discussed in previous posts…  Now let me make something very clear. As you have just read, networking is a very powerful thing, but as Batman said “With great power comes great responsibility”. Obama and Osama are the two extremes in this case……

In conclusion, you should be able to identify with how powerful networking is, one man used it to rally a nation, another man used it to bring horrible crimes to the forefront of humanity. In the case of Osama, the network he had built is so strong it has taken literally hundreds of thousands of troops, billions if not trillions of dollars, and over 6 years to significantly dismantle it.


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